The art of making your best musical performance

Number of participants: 5

This workshop is for singers of all types, amateurs, semi-profis and profis.

The goal is to learn some technical and practical tools and, more importantly, to know and develop your own potentials in order to do the best performance of the songs you usually sing on the stage.

Through weekly technical exercises (including vocal technique, theatrical aspects, emotional coaching, improvisation and embodiment) and a research of your own skills we will create ways to improve and enhance your singing, and therefore your show!


MODULE I – Technical aspects

Releasing the throat - Be kind with it!
Get ready your body - Noticing that we don’t use only the vocal chords to sing
The natural breathing - Learn it and forget it as you sing

MODULE II – Creative singing

The rhythm in your veins
The poetry in a song
Do not forget the dinamics!

MODULE III – The stage is my home

Self-Confidence on the stage
Expression of the music
Enjoy it & transmit it! - Conecting to the audience

We will make both solo and group exercises, therefore the limited places. It’s important to have time for each singer to show his/her progress. 

Every session you will apply the new knowledge on your favorite songs, those you want to perform, so bring at least 2 or 3 pieces. Notice that we will work on them with a piano or an mp3 player, so it would be nice if you have the scores or, even better, a midi file. Maybe you play them with your guitar or ukulele, you are very welcome to bring it with you! 

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